Big goals and fear of not doing enough

Hello! Thank you for SCS, it continues to be awesome!

In April and May, I got some fantastic coaching from Suzy. The thought we focused on was “whenever I do something I really care about, I get overwhelmed and quit.” I’m still working on this thought.

Here is another model I’m noticing right now:
C I’ve set a goal (e.g. becoming a life coach)
T I’m not doing enough
F Afraid
A React to fear by thinking obsessively about goal and taking obsessive action
R Get overwhelmed, burn out, and quit (conveniently proving that I’m not doing enough)

What I have in the “R” line in this model was in the “T” line during my coaching with Suzy, but I think it can fit in both lines.

Anyways, I am working on thinking that “I am doing enough” with regards to becoming a life coach.
– I am ALL IN with Self Coaching Scholars. I love the program and have benefited so much. I do the assignments consistently, watch the coaching calls, and really apply what I’m learning in my life.
– I am blogging about self coaching techniques.
– I am teaching self coaching techniques to a handful of people at work who want help with stress and time management.

A thought that feels good to me, and that I believe is: “I’m focusing on self coaching in 2017 and that is enough.”

But, I’m not sure that it’s really a belief yet, because I also find myself often thinking, almost reflexively: “I’m not doing enough. I should be working on certification now. I should be blogging / teaching self coaching etc. more. I should be doing this faster.”

I also think things like, “I say I’m doing SCS but I’m not working on any big goal, just doing assignments and applying things to my regular life. Other people have really big goals like quitting drinking, losing lots of weight, or building their businesses. I should have a big goal.”

I think for me, sticking with the commitment of SCS for an entire year and not getting burnt out or quitting is a big goal. An awesome goal to have. But I keep second guessing that, feeling like it isn’t enough.

Thank you!