“Body Goals” and My Brain

Wanted to share an interesting experience I had yesterday. I have a wedding this weekend and I chose a lovely dress from Rent the Runway that admittedly is a little outside of my comfort zone – it’s beautiful but also sparkly and form fitting. I’ve lost 15ish lbs since joining Scholars and am 1-2 lbs from my final goal weight. I feel good, I’m wearing things I haven’t worn since before the baby (who is now 7 lol) and have let go of a lot of my body shaming self talk (it still shows up as I was soon to find out). I opted to pick up the dress at the NYC location just in case it didn’t fit/I didn’t like/freaked out/etc. so I would be able to select another dress. I ordered it in 2 sizes and tried on the smaller size first. I remember thinking as I took it off the hanger “wow this thing looks small” but I went ahead put it on and had them zip me up. The fashion attendant was like, that color is awesome on you! I smiled, agreed and was staring into the 3 sided mirror and all I could see was that part of my thighs/hips that even after hitting my goal weight is “still there”. I asked her: what do you think? Is the sizing right? Is this too much here? (pointing into that area that I feel like has a giant bulls eye). She’s says: what?! No way! You look amazing, it fits you perfectly!” And then proceeds me to go out into the selection area and find a bracelet or a bag. I walk out and am focused on looking for those items but I catch that I’m turning heads. I remind myself I’m in a green sequined full length Badgley Mishka gown and it IS quite stunning but keep to my task. As I’m selecting a bag another fashion attendant walks up to me and she’s like: you are my body goals. I’m like WHAT?! She’s like, that dress, your body, that’s some serious body goals. I was floored. I smiled and thanked her. Picked up a bag and turned to take another look in the mirror and told my mind to see me as she sees me – my brain tried to fight it and my eyes immediately started looking down but I told myself to look up and just “see”. It was a pretty amazing reflection and just like you told us to do in one of your Friday emails, I smiled and winked at myself 😉

It’s amazing that even though I know I look “good” our brains still want to find what’s wrong #poorbrain
Thank you for this amazing work!
Can’t wait to wear this incredibly gorgeous and over the top gown tomorrow night!