Body Issues

I hate my stomach, I have for as long as I can remember. I’ve always wanted a flat stomach and I do not have one. I am disgusted by my stomach. I have always been fat. That’s a thought thats actually not true because I have not always been fat but I have always had the thought I am fat. Even when I was skinny. And I want to let go of these thoughts because they sabotage any chance I have of weight loss. I’m playing with an intentional model that feels good but doesn’t address my thoughts specifically about being fat or my disgust for the stomach.

C Stomach
T My stomach is never going to be flat
F Disgust
A Eat
R Never have a flat stomach

C Body
T I am always going to be fat
F hopeless
A eat the cookie
R always be fat

C Weight
T I am losing this weight for the last time
F Inspired
A Eat healthy food
R I lost that 1lb for the last time

Thank you for your coaching!