Boredom as something to explore

So yesterday was a good day. The only way it wasn’t great was that I was bored for a few hours in the evening. This week I am not watching TV because I think it is another way for me to buffer. It is fun but ultimately results in me thinking thoughts that make me feel anxious and guilty about wasting time. Seriously, I cannot tell you how many times I have watched the entire series of The Office and The Gilmore Girls on Netflix. So–TV fast.

Last night, I was super bored. I had put in a good day’s work and had no outstanding to-dos, plus I wanted to try to have fun/relaxation without TV. I started a new book, which turned out to be not super interesting, and I felt bored. I know that there isn’t terribly much at stake here, but I would love to transform my evenings into periods of time that refresh and engage me rather than time when I either 1) check out through hours of TV or 2) sit around waiting for sleep. Here are my models about last night:

C Evening without TV
T I have nothing fun to do
F Bored
A I wait for sleep
R I am bored until sleep

C Evening without TV
T Boredom is a great emotion to explore
F curious
A Thought download, model and be conscious of it. Then do models to generate better emotions.
R I understand it and how to generate feelings that lead to engagement

Am I looking at this the right way?