A Tad Ahead – A Message From The Future

Hi Brooke,

876 was doing the workbook for podcast 172 and as soon as I finished it, the next page said ‘Podcast #173 Future Focus’ and I just had to read it.
Then the reading was so inspiring, I just had to answer the questions and the most revealing one was the 10th question that asked:

What does your future self has to say to you? What is their advice?
And so I wrote this:

She says:
‘Write, love, write. I am waiting for you behind this wall that separates the wannabes from those who were brave and earned being professional and successful.
I can’t do the writing for you, but I can tell you the scripts you wrote turn out magnificent and beyond anything you can imagine.
You will be blown away by yourself when you will sit with the completed scripts and read them through.
Write, love. Write fearlessly. Everything you write is the most beautiful thing I have ever read.
We all wait for you on this side. Agents, actors, directors, producers, the media, the fans, and anyone who knows you and should be so proud.
Now, more than ever, and in every possible way, you are so ripe to cross.
Get those scripts written. I will see you very soon.’

That Screenwriter