Hey Brooke,

I had written here before about a guy named Chris recording me without my knowledge and pretending to be my friend.

This isn’t new, he does this all the time. Records himself doing things at work he shouldn’t be doing and records people at work while making fun of them.

We are in security and we are not allowed to record anything, especially in backstage areas.

Now this is something he will always do and he can choose to do if he wants to.

But I’d like to have a boundary in place, and tell him not to record me especially in areas where we shouldn’t be recording.

In any case that he goes under investigation for breaking rules, I definitely don’t want my face or name to be involved. It’s also, something that disturbs me from my own work while at work.

Is this a boundary I can place?

I’d likely tell him that I’ll talk to management if he does so.

I’m working on my thoughts about this and making sure it isn’t for resentful reasons.