The thought line of the model

Hi Brooke,
In your stop overeating workshop video you worked a model about the desire for food. You started with the thought line and wrote in “indifferent” and then filled the other parts. I was wondering if I were to put a thought in like “disgusting” or “revolting” would you coach me to a less negatively charged thought? I think for me it would be really effective to think of sugary foods, alcohol, etc as revolting because at this point i think i need a little bit more power than the thought “indifferent” might give me.

Also, if i use this model for other topics like procrastinating, being critical of others, buffering in general or even being attracted to other men besides my husband it would be more effective. Can i start here to move away from desire and then over time replace the thought with “indifferent” to work toward a place of complete freedom?

What do you think?