Boyfriend Has A Secret

I have been dating my boyfriend since the beginning of this year, and he basically lives with me now. I found out this morning my boyfriend is going through a divorce, and I had no idea. I feel hurt that he didn’t tell me he’s married/separated. I found this out on my own and he has no idea I know.

This makes me question our relationship. Does he not trust me and love me enough to tell me? Am I not important enough? Is our relationship real? Is he with me because he loves me or am I a rebound?

I know I am in control of my feelings, he can’t hurt me, but it’s hard to understand this. Especially something so important. I want to question him about it and be understanding at the same time. I’m just not sure how to go about it by using the tools I am learning in scholars.

My first reaction is for me to question and have him, or demand him to tell me exactly why he hasn’t told me and to be honest. But after learning the model, I know there is a better way to handle this, I just don’t know how.