Processing Anxiety

I have a question about processing anxiety.

Here’s my Unintentional Model:

C – Work/Life
T – I’m falling behind
F – Anxiety
A – Either: 1) I rush up. I want to keep ‘doing’ something or the other, without stopping; or, 2) I just try to avoid feeling the anxiety & I buffer with Instagram, or I day dream
R – I’m busy a lot, but I don’t get much done, so I still think I’m falling behind + I’m tired & exhausted….

Now, I was exploring the feeling of anxiety in my body and got specific with it… and stayed with it… feeeeling it. I did realize that this feeling is harmless and that I can probably just feel it. That felt better. Uncomfortable, but better. I also came up with an intentional model:
C – Work/Life
T – I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be in becoming this person that I most want to be
F – Relaxed/Calmed
A – I do what I got to do right now (based on my schedule), without a need to rush up.
R – I get things done & make steady progress.

Now, my confusion is that I’m still finding myself bounce back into anxiety. Or rather, that ‘relaxed and calm’ is also backed by anxiety… cuz living those feeling is unfamiliar. I’m not sure what to do? Do I just make it my new normal – living with anxiety? Cuz I realize I probably have been living my life resisting anxiety. It feels ridiculous to think that Relaxed + Anxious can co-exist. Is that even a possibility or is my brain playing a trick here? Am I doing this right? How to process anxiety? Can I be feeling anxiety AND be a fully-functional human? Or do I need to release it? Can you offer some useful thoughts around this?

Thanks in advance! 🙂