Boyfriend Not Being Humble

I’m in Europe with my boyfriend and we have gone to several cities in Italy. I have traveled a lot and he hasn’t. He keeps saying things that annoy me like “we basically have seen all of Italy” or “we have really seen a lot of the world” or “this is basically a third world country.” (We are in Cyprus – it’s run down but definitely not third world).

He says these things and I always correct him. I feel like I’m being kind of a bitch but it annoys me that he thinks he knows all these things when he has seen so little. I want him to have some more humility and perspective, and I’m afraid that when my friends meet him they will wonder why I’m with somebody like this and think I settled. Today a girl on our tour laughed when he said he saw basically all of Italy and said that he hadn’t. I agree with her.

C: girl on bus laughs and says “no you have not seen all of Italy”
T: I should be with somebody smarter and more on my intellectual level
F: constricted
A: I big time ruminate and second guess my relationship, wonder if it’s right for me, think about other guys (compare), I distance myself from him, I am lost in my head about whether I should continue, I worry about my friends thinking that I settled. I worry about ever being happy.
R: I distance myself from him? I’m not totally sure what my result is here. Help is appreciated!!