Brain is giving me a hard time

Hey there,

I’m a Coach currently in CCP, and totally loving it, but also working through my own shit!

One thing I came across in my Thought Download is “I’m not 100% believing everything in my own life is neutral right away.”

Two questions/concerns about this:
1. Is this just a thought? It feels very true, because I’m NOT believing everything in my own life is neutral. Help!
2. I am judging myself so hard for this and it’s freaking me out. I feel like I can’t be a good coach if I don’t react to everything as neutral. I think I know the answer here: My brain will always be triggered to have thoughts. I get to decide if I believe them or not. I get to practice the ones I want to believe. I’ll never not have negative thoughts, it’s part of being human. But I can train my brain to choose better thoughts, and when I choose those enough, they will become established neural pathways that my brain will believe with much more ease. It’s okay that I don’t think every single situation is neutral right off the bat – my brain is human. But if I look closer, I slow it down, and I study it, I can see that the issues here are my thoughts about it. Beyond that, I never have to or will bring my own judgement into my coaching sessions with my clients; my work is seeing their thoughts about the neutral circumstances, and showing them their neutral.

That’s me thinking out loud. Am I on the right track? I’m judging myself for having negative thoughts about things I think.