Brand new urges

Hi Coaches,

I was pretty solid on my 2 meals per day, no flour/no sugar protocol for over a year. About one month ago, I started working a opposite shift at work. I used to wake up at 4:30am to go to work but now I work the PM shift 3:30pm-midnight. I have been more tired than usual and I have noticed more urges for food. Most of them occur during the later hours of my shift when I am trying to stay awake and after midnight when I am on my way home. I gave into these urges 3 days in a row and now I am having urges almost hourly throughout the day,even when I am not at work. I thought I had everything under control until the circumstance changed. Have I learned nothing about managing urges? I am scared that I am going to resume frequently binging, which is how I gained weight in the first place. I just need some help on how to think about this and overcome it.