Breaking tasks down

Hi, I’m finding that although I have made progress this month with scheduling and getting things done I am resisting that last step of putting everything on the written to-do list onto the calendar and then throwing the paper away. I manage to put the big work tasks on there (I am self-employed) but am struggling with entering free time and the more personal tasks like photo projects, reviewing our wills, and things that feel big.

I’m tempted to break the things up into smaller tasks and then transfer them to the calendar e.g. Sort photos into types, years etc. although it seems a bit counter to Brooke’s advice to set a tightish time and then stick to it. I’m wondering if by breaking things up into smaller bits I’m making the tasks bigger than they need to be.
Is the idea to write a paper list each week (Sunday night for me) and transfer everything and throw the paper away? And it feels like the coming week’s calendar will be clogged with unfinished stuff from the previous weeks…. 🤔