Breaking the Habit of Mirroring Negative Moods of Others

Jody Moore in her relationships call this week talked about the tendency we have of mirroring the moods of those around us – e.g. if we are around someone who is negative it’s easy to mirror that and start thinking negative thoughts and feeling negative. Jody suggested we don’t have to do that. We can notice our thinking and choose thoughts like “I wonder what’s going on for that person that’s making them feel negative?” Or “They must be struggling and so I feel compassion for them.” I get that. But it also seems like it’s a reality for me that it’s easier and more fun to be around positive people – and it gets exhausting for me to be around negative people. The model suggests that’s all just my thinking. I could think that being around negative people is fun and interesting and it energizes me. But that doesn’t feel true. It doesn’t energize me. It drains me. It’s a lot of work to keep working my thoughts away from negativity. I’m wondering if a person was around constant negative energy – could they really be unaffected by that negative energy? Could they go so far as to enjoy being around that person? How would that be possible to do? Any insights you can give me would be so appreciated. Thank you!