Hi Brooke,
I just had the most productive day I have had in years. I struggle with chronic anxiety that has lead to massive procrastination which actually led to be getting fired from a job and failing at other jobs. It’s been pretty much a secret shame though people who have worked with me in the past know that I have been terribly disorganised and late as in the past I would feel paralysed with fear and would put off work for days and days till i was really struggling to meet deadlines. It took me many years to get my degree for example. I have been working with productivity and the ability to create results and I have been getting better since joining SCS untill yesterday when I thought well let’s try doing everything 100%. Sticking to protocol 100%. Sticking to the plaan for my day 100%. So i did and i tallied everytime i felt the urge to buffer. then returned back to task. the weird thing is that I only TALLIED 15 marks then my brain was happy to work. IT’S A MIRACLE. I have decided I am ready to try all of my protocols and pratices 100 % it’s just easier to stick to the rules

THANK YOU SO MUCH this is a real life saver you have no idea.!!!!