Breast Feeding and Weight Loss Goals

Hi Brooke,

I am currently breast feeding and am trying to lose the last 10 pounds. I find myself ravenous in the evenings – possibly because I’m not eating enough during the day. (Separately, I’ve read that oatmeal can help supplement breast milk which I know is considered a type of grain but it seems to have positive benefits for me during this time in my life). My question is related to whether or not my hunger is driven by an emotional feeling at night or if it’s actual hunger. How do you tell the difference? I’ve stalled on my weight loss goals (in fact I’ve gained 2 lbs over the month of January) so I think the answer is more related to my emtional eating habits in the evening. But I’ve noticed, of the days I go to bed slightly hungry, I wake up in the middle of the night hungry. I eat mostly a paleo diet with some added carbs — starchy veggies, rice, oatmeal and some Red wine.

When do I just sit with the feeling of discomfort and when do I know it’s true hunger.