Bridge Thought

My model is:
C – Job
T – This is not the time to quit
F – Restrained
A – Judge myself for wanting to quit again, I have a pattern of quitting my jobs when I Feel bored, I think that it’s irresponsible to want to quit when I don’t have another source of income, I don’t look for another source of income (that’s interesting)
R – I choose to stay at my job

Thought download and questions I asked my self:

T – this is not the time to quit; So what?
It’s irresponsible
We need money
Until I have clients, then I can quit my job
T – What if then I want to quit my business?
(This thought felt like a slap in the face and an aha – there you are again thought “I am a quitter”)
T – Quitting is what I do; Tell me more about that.
If I don’t like something then I quit.
I am choosing to believe this. Why?
Because I’d rather do something that feels easy. This thought did not feel entirely true to me. When I get good at something then I feel bored and I look for something new to do. Transition feels scary.
I’ve done it before though.
I have transitioned so many times and survived and actually excelled and created something new.
I can choose to believe that “Transition is what I do”

So my question is:
Is this an example of a bridge thought:
Quitting is what I do TO Transition is what I do

Or are there smaller bridge thoughts to try in between?

This new thought do feel great. Empowering. In my control, even though the circumstance hasn’t changed!