Bridge Thought

I feel like I can use some help when I am wanting to come up with a bridge thought when trying to move myself to an intentional model.  Is there a formula to use to produce a bridge thought?  Is there a podcast or class you can direct me to in order to help me strengthen my bridge thought muscles?

An example:

C: My son didn’t let his cousin borrow his surfboard today
T: My son is selfish
F: Disappointed
A: Picked a fight with my son about it
R: I am annoyed with my son

What would be an example of a bridge thought to get to a more loving and understanding place with my son?  Like it feels like slightly too big of a jump to go to ” I get it.  He loves his surfboard and is very careful with it and doesn’t want anything to happen to it.”

Thoughts?  Thank you for all your amazing help coaches!!