Bridge Thoughts to Start Before New Year

Happy New Year to SCS Staff!

I am a scholar for a month and started my no flour and no sugar protocol 21 days ago.
Yesterday I went with my husband to celebrate his birthday over brunch and we did not decide ahead of time of a certain place but rather chose a neighborhood and I allowed him to choose whatever he wants because I figured I can always find something on protocol for myself.
He ended up choosing a place that serves one dish: fried chicken biscuits. Well, that’s great. And so after three minutes of contemplation I decided to order for myself as well and call it exception.
When I came home later that day and watched the exception video again I realized it was simply overeating and that I cannot call it exception unless it was planned 24 hours in advance.
Either way, what happened to me is that I immediately got filled up with cravings to continue eating that day more flour and sugar foods, and indeed I have allowed myself to eat them. All in the name of my husband’s celebration.
I thought I could just hop back on my protocol this morning and pay the price of gaining some weight but what I find most disturbing is all the work I did for 21 days to tame my desire and follow my protocol, seems to have gone out the window and that I need to start all anew.
What my brain is saying to me today is that there are two days to 2018 and I should start my diet clean from January 1st 2019.

All my friends and even my husband who are not scholars advise me to just loosen up and treat myself, it’s only two days, that no one starts a diet two days before a new year and so on, all which create over desire for me.

Maybe it’s because I am a new scholar but I would love your help with bridge thoughts to help me resume my protocol today and not binge over the next few days, which for some reason, seems like the best idea for my primitive brain 🙂