Budding entrepreneur needing guidance

Like some others in this Q & A area, I yearn to give up my current full time job (I work 68 hours a week) to transition to being self-employed. I have not taken the leap yet because I have limited savings to carry me through the transition, the job offers a good benefits package for the Doctor visits and Prescriptions that I need, I have not developed the success habits I know that I need (the new work is nothing like my current job), and I have a general fear of failing, which I have too much experience with in my past.

In Orientation, Jenn suggested sticking with one issue first. But starting a new venture like this is so multi-faceted, how can you narrow it down to one thought or feeling?

I have no doubt that the use of the Model is the right tool to provide me with the catalyst to realizing my true potential but, just having started with SCS last week, my mind is going fuzzy when I want clarity. I did have my first private coaching today and that was helpful. I must say that I find myself a little overwhelmed with the resources, though. My first choice of Workbooks was “Believing New Things.” After this month it was recommended that I try the Monday Hour One training. Does this sound like it’s the right path for me?

The second part of this inquiry is wondering how to better self-analyze. When I uncover a truth that is not creating a result that I am happy with, I get stumped. The questions don’t just come out automatically so that I can discover underlying reasoning that is creating the results. Does the Model work better for the ultra creative mind rather than the ultra reasoning mind, which is what I think I have?