I’m not sure what to consider buffering?

I find myself to be motivated in all walks of life…except making money. However, my husband and I own three relatively successful businesses: a river adventure company, convenient store/gas station and cafe. I am involved remotely only with marketing, customer service, hiring, scheduling, policy, and large picture decisions. I dropped out of college (biology major 4.0 GPA…lol) to get married 36 years ago and help run his family business since his father was dying. I have devoted my life to our four children, who are all successful in all sense of the word – two doctors, two engineers hoping to head to medical school and most importantly they always choose each other. They love being together so much that my oldest who is in Boston finishing up a Cardiothoracic Anesthesia Fellowship just signed a contract as a anesthesia attending in Rochester (beginning in October) so that she will be near her sister (an orthopedic surgical resident) and her brothers (all living together by choice). She made a choice to take about $200,000 less of a salary annually to be near her siblings. It is my greatest gift to them…each other. Anyhow with their encouragement I went back to college and graduated last year. It was invigorating but scary, too. However, now that I am in Scholars I feel that pressure to perform. I have always chosen my family and while I want to devote time to Scholars I find myself using any excuse to tend to my kids/grandson/our businesses. So…is that buffering? Not totally immersing myself in Scholars but doing what I feel I can? I now feel I am overthinking the model or trying to out think it. When I interrupt a daily thought download and choose to do something else with my family is that buffering? In the back of my mind choosing to take care of my family allows me to have a reason if I don’t succeed at my Scholars goals?

Thanks and I’m looking forward to beginning my Scholars journey