Buffering : what is it ?

Hi Brooke,

I am Annie and I am French. I just signed last Saturday and I have already been spending lots of time watching you.
My English is good enough to follow your speed and I am even getting better. I also learn new words and get a good translations.

Although, there is one word that stays a little foggy : buffering. I went to the dictionary, and it serves me the computer sense of it, you know, the little cercle while the site is charging. I understand the computer meaning, but I don’t relate to life.
Could you give me some real life examples of buffering ?

By the way, I already viewed most of the overeating seminar. It came in right in handy, I was stuck in my weight loss (I wrote wait loss, I am even making lapsus in English !!!).

Thank you for your answer. I can’t wait (this time it is right) to start October session.
Best regards,