Buffering with self-coaching ?

Hi, I wonder if I’m not using the self-coaching tools to “make myself feel good” or buffer / procrastinate when I have work to do. Typically, I have been writing down my thoughts for an hour now, while I know I have work to do, and I’m not even finished. Today is supposed to be the day where I create content for my platform and instead of writing, I am coaching myself because of all the negative feelings I’m having and it’s endless. Perhaps should I constraint my self-coaching time to 15 minutes ? On the other hand, I do get great breakthroughs when I coach myself hard through emotional s***storms. How can I do both ? coach myself AND stay on top of my schedule ?

Here are my models :

C : negative emotions while scheduled work
T : this is a great opportunity to learn something about myself
F : curious
A : doing a thought download, doing models, byron’s katie 4 questions, etc
R : I have learned something about myself but I haven’t done any progress in my work

C : negative feeling while scheduled work
T : ?
F : ?
A : ?
R : I have learned something about myself AND got my work done

Thanks !