Buffet plans

Since I don’t know what exactly will be offered at the buffet, it is hard to plan what I will eat ahead of time. I’m thinking that I can be as specific as I can more so with the quantities.

And it will be my only meal of the day since it will be around 2:30 and I normally don’t eat before 12:30. So my plan is to have about 8 ounces of protein, a substantial amount of green vegetables, 1/2 cup of starchy veg. I’m allowing myself 3 bites of dessert.

I’ll be the watcher because I know I’ll be tempted to have seconds.

C Buffet
T I will stick to my preplanned amounts of food no matter what
F Committed
A Eat slowly and focus on the company more than the food
R Build confidence in myself by sticking to my plan.