Bummed- part 3

I read the question another SCS posted about why use the model if we don’t want it to lesson our sadness. As I continue to write thought downloads, they are very similar each night. I am really working on feeling the sadness all the way through when it arises and find that helpful from the watcher perspective. It does seem that because I am having a hard time believing thoughts that will make me feel better and that my thought downloads continue to bring up sadness, that this feeling will stay for a good long time. I can hear you say “So What?” It’s fine to be sad- it’s not always comfortable, but I can handle it. I don’t want to be sad when I bring in a new life to the world. Why not? Because it would be unfair to the child who is completely innocent and does not deserve any negativity/sadness. So, where do I go from here? Keep feeling the sadness and wait it out and hope that one day there will be a switch? Hope this makes sense. Thank you!