Business question Part B: My niche

Brooke- I just asked a question about the $100K goal… (think I forgot to put my name, sorry!)

Next question. I’ve been thinking about what I offer and to who. I’ve seen you answering these questions before.

So, I’m still working on an “elevator pitch”, but wonder if this is narrow enough: I help women who have dealt with a tragedy in their life and are still feeling stuck or overwhelmed, but want to move forward and put the pieces of their life back together.

I don’t think this applies to a specific age group or a specific city or area of the country. But do you think it’s narrow enough?

Just a little bit of background: My husband and I lost our 17 year old son unexpectedly to suicide in 2012, and I just published a book this year about my journey from grief to joy and the tools I used to lose 30 pounds, change careers (start a business), get healthy and heal my relationships. That’s why I’m passionate about helping other women….I was where they are and struggling to find meaning and joy.

Thanks Brooke!