Setting $ goal for coaching business and using the model.

Brooke- I was listening to a coaching call of yours this month where you talked with the woman (sorry I can’t remember her name) about her Air BNB business coaching. I thought it was interesting how you work backwards from putting the business goal in the results line to the top to figure out what we’d need to think.

I can see where there’s a lot of overwhelm and confusion about ALL the things we could be doing to build a coaching business. Like, marketing my book, and then doing networking and speaking, and building an online group program all at the same time. A lot of those big things require lots of little steps like website stuff, social media, landing pages, sending emails, filming videos, calling people to meet for lunch, and reaching out to find opportunities to speak to local groups.

If I say, “I want to earn $100K in the next 12 months in my business” and that goes in the R line, now I have a whole lot of things that need to be listed in the A line….then I can see why in the F line there is Overwhelm when I think of all those things that need to be done…then it leads to more “watching videos and learning” which is just buffering because there’s uncertainty of where to start.

Does that make sense? How do we do the model backwards to put all that stuff in the A line that needs to be done. I guess the Feeling needs to be inspired and committed, and the thought needs to be “I’m doing this no matter what….just do the next thing”. But in practical terms, how do you actually figure out the whole plan for the $100K so you know what the next thing is to do?

Thanks Brooke! You are inspiring. Love your new office in Texas:)