Busy Brain

I think I have discovered my pattern. Right now I am so focused on my debt…there’s not a real problem, just a decision to be made. Before this it was my job, joining a program, a renovation, my weight for years, kids etc.

I think part of it is indecision but I think the other part is I feel busy when I’m thinking of these things. I think when I feel busy it feels like I am doing something important versus not doing anything which I’m my mind is lazy.

C: Feeling of Busy
T: I’m doing something of importance
F: obligated?
A: continue figuring out what I’m doing, continue doing tasks. Don’t stop to take a break when I need too. Don’t follow MHO calendar,
R: ?

C: Feeling of relaxed/peace/contentment/still
T: I should do something
F: Urge
A: find something to focus on, typically whatever my “issue” is – money, debt, weight, a decision etc. go back to thinking about this thing and then don’t take action on my MHO or what I really want…which then creates more of a busy life because I try to then squeeze everything in.
R: I create a stagnant life that I feel I should do something?