C: feeling lonely

C: Feeling lonely
T: I’m scared of feeling this way forever
F: Worry
A: Ruminate (is ruminating buffering?). I work on my business (distract). I do not feel the emotion fully
R: I prolong the feeling

Another one

C: feeling lonely
T: I don’t want to be with myself with this emotion – I want this to go away
F: Resistance
A: Push away the feeling, don’t open toward it
R: Prolong it

C: Feeling lonely
T: This hurts
F: Pain
A: Push against it, wallow in the pain, continue to think about how much this hurts. I don’t really take any action honestly, I just ruminate and worry. Is worry an action?
R: I prolong the hurt

What kind of helped:

C: feeling lonely
T: I wonder how this vibration feels in my body
F: Curious
A: Describe the emotion in writing, as if I were a scientist documenting emotions
R: I learn how the vibration feels in my body, it does become less scary, my brain kind of “wakes up” a little

C: Feeling lonely
T: It’s okay and normal that I feel lonely, I can handle this emotion
F: Compassion
A: Relax, Become curious. Open up to the experience. Make space for it.
R: I begin to handle the emotion

Like, am I not supposed to want the feeling to go away? I feel lonely a LOT, am I just supposed to be with it all the time? I guess I don’t fully believe that it will go away if I simply describe and feel it. But, I guess as I write this, it does seem to have mostly passed….