Cravings and Bingeing

I have been on an off-and-on diet since I have been 8 years old, it seems. I have gained 20-30 pounds and lost 20-30 pounds so many times. I remember the beginning of college, my mom took me to this weight loss place and I lost a ton of weight. They had me eat certain foods and weighed me every week. The year after, I gained it all back and even more. It’s very shameful and it has me isolated when I am at my heavy weight. I have enough fight in me to start again and get back into an exercise routine for the first few weeks, then when I start losing weight, I sneak in sugary foods, and keep doing that until the weight is back on. I can’t wrap my brain around this one, I mean, when I get the craving to binge, it’s usually around 4:00 on. It’s sometimes uncontrollable. Like, I HAVE to have something now. Even if I am not starving. This really stops me from being the best version of me. I would love to get some suggestions. I met with a wonderful coach for the 20min Scholar self-coaching, and she said that I am starting with the action, not my thoughts. This is true. I am new with Scholars, and I have a bit of a hard time to have the right thought to replace my old one, and simply running it down the model.