Hi again,

I have recently asked a question regarding the C-line – I am not sure I fully understand the answer, so I have given some more concrete examples of different C-lines below.
Is it correct that we can have a sensation, a feeling, a thought and a goal in the C-line if they are expressed for instance as below:

1. A sensation (ex: “I feel a stabbing pain in my leg”)
2. A personal goal (ex: “I have decided to create my own business before end of 2020” (and I said it out loud to someone))
3. A thought/belief that you want to change (ex: “I have a thought that I can never finish my projects”)
4. A feeling, thatโ€™s causing you problems (ex: “I woke up 5 am this morning feeling anxiety”)

Thanks in advance again ๐Ÿ™‚