Feeling shame

This is my first month in scholars. My main reason for joining is because therapy is no longer helping me. I have dealt with feelings of shame my entire life to the point where I have completely isolated myself from the world. I have no relationships. I just go to work and stay at home. Even the thought of going to the grocery store brings up fear and shame that I will be seen. This goes back to me being a child and being bullied in highschool (I’m 36 now) that coupled with a terrible relationship I had when I was young I just can’t seem to function right. I have never had a relationship besides this one and I just feel like I’m destined to be alone forever which makes the shame even worse like I don’t deserve or am worthy of anything. I feel that wherever I go people are talking behind my back. I don’t know where to start. I’ve given up all hope or desire to do or be anything in life.