Calendar. Google and paper

OK. I know I am overthinking the calendar thing. I have always over thought the calendar thing. I have never been able to get this concept, therefore have chosen not to calendar anything other than Dr appts in the past.
1. paper calendars: I have had a very hard time finding something that is efficient for me with enough room for me to write and be able to see the whole month/year at a time while being small enough for me to take with me. Yes, I will have to take this paper calendar with me. I am also very ADD and have to have my calendar in front of me so I can look at the whole month at a time, (Google doesn’t offer that) In order to wrap my brain around what is to be done. I also need Day/week options. I have always bought calendars and then never actually used them.
2. Google calendar: I have put things on my Google calendar, and them disappear. I do not like the fact that when you look at the Month View you can only see dots on the days that you have things listed. It gets kind of crazy when I have lots of things listed every single day. At this point my brain kind of freaks out. If the calendar is open on my telephone, I cannot see the whole entire day at once and will forget a few things in the morning/afternoon because they aren’t visible. We have owned our own businesses for many years. In recent years, I’ve employed people to do accounts payable/receivable. I do not have anyone for that job at the moment, and it is wreaking havoc on my life.
OK, now that I’ve given you my obstacles! Here are my questions.
Can you suggest paper calendars that will allow me to see the days/month/years at the time? Any tutorials on calendaring would be wonderful! I am writing my goals instead of what is taking my time. That helps, but I’m still having a really hard time with calendaring my time and honoring my calendar. Can you please guide me to any tutorials or offer any advice?
Google calendar, I truly need some help all the way around here. I use it, but I don’t understand it. I have went through Google‘s turorials without much luck. Can you please direct me to any help with Google calendars?
Thank you in advance.