Calendaring Downtime

Hello Brooke!

I am new to SCS and I am in the “baby stage” of learning how to calendar. I am wondering if you have addressed anywhere how you, personally, schedule downtime for yourself and what that looks like? I have not heard anything specific on a podcast (though I could have missed it!) but I did recently hear you say somewhere that you constrain your work hours to 15 hours a week. I have a decades-long pattern of working until my body finally waves a white flag and I am run down by illness or injury. This has been further exacerbated the past few weeks since I have been NSNF and have had a TON more energy and focus and haven’t been forced to crash on the couch in a wheat/sugar stupor. I know this isn’t a very healthy or effective way to live and be sustainably creative or productive, so I’m hoping that I can start calendaring downtime and would love to know what your thoughts are on what that could look like and how to start.

Thank you!!

Erica Marston