Can a result also be my circumstance?

Happy New Year, Scholars Coach!

Here’s my question: A few years back I enjoyed the work of Danielle Laporte who recommends identifying our “core desired feelings.” While this was interesting work I never could figure out what I needed to do to reach my core desire feelings. Per the Self-Coaching Model framework, this is because actions do not result in feelings. Thoughts result in feelings.

One of my core desired feelings was “accomplished.” Using the model, this goes in the F line. I think what I was trying to do was create a result which led to a thought that created the feeling accomplished. Does that work? Can a result also be a circumstance that produces a thought and then a feeling? Such as:

C: Create my weekly schedule per Monday Hour One
T: This schedule will ensure I move closer toward all my goals.
F: Inspired, motivated
A: Take actions per my calendar
R: Completed my week per Monday Hour One

C: Completed my week per Monday Hour One
T: This was a great, productive week.
F: Accomplished