Can an impossible goal be too big? [GV]

I’ve set my impossible goal to make 1 million in my business in 2019.
I’m aiming for 100K in 2018, and have about 20K left to go.

I discussed this with my girlfriend, and she says the goal is too big. She’s like: “Better aim for something like 200K, 300, maybe 500K. That gets you motivated.”
I’m like: “it’s impossible anyway, might as well aim fr the stars, right?”

So what’s your view on this?

Oh, sidenote: End of 2017 I set my goal to reach 100K in 6 months instead of 12 months in 2018. I didn’t get that, and it kinda paralyzed me in my business. The thing is… it wasn’t impossible, and I didn’t match my actions with it. So yeah…