Can I continue certain health practices?

Hi Brooke,
Just starting the Overeating Coaching while letting go of my current food plan, so here are some questions:
1) I take a mouthful of Silver Shield every morning for immune support on an empty stomach. Can I continue this?
2) Next I make a drink of 1/2 lemon juiced with a dash of cayenne and a tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar in hot water. Can I keep this?
3) Usually not hungry til 10:30 am ( eat dinner between 6:30 and & 7:30) so is Bulletproof coffee ( with spices, including sugarless cacao with maca, and coconut oil or not) a good meal after 15 hrs of fasting, and then eat later in the afternoon.
4) A lot of times if I’m truthful, a few bites of food suffice, but I kept eating, so I don’t have to worry about taking in enough calories anymore, right? Also not sure what a 2:2 is or how that is supposed to feel.
4) What is the difference between being fat adaptive and ketogenesis?
Lots of questions that I didn’t see answered yet, so thanks and LOVE YOU! I THINK YOU’RE BRILLIANT!