Can I create insane Results using the model, if other people are involved?

You talk a lot about the joy that comes from living your purpose. I think my purpose is to have worldwide impact with my music.

Our band is one of the most successful independent bands in our scene. We make good money (going for a million this year!), have a great fanbase, and get to do what we love full time. Life is pretty awesome.

I, of course, want MORE. I want to help a lot more people with our music. I feel that responsibility that you talk about to be as successful as possible.

Here’s where I get tripped up: It feels like this is not only up to me (I know this is a feeling from my thoughts). We see a lot of our peers in bands getting amazing opportunities like magazine covers and huge tours and such, in part because someone at the top decided to give them that opportunity.

Can I create Results like that using the model? Can I think “We will be the biggest band in the world” and become that? Or is there a limit, because it involves other people in the music industry helping us?

T: We will be the biggest band in the world
F: Empowered, focused
A: Acting on ideas, constantly pitching ourselves, offering tons of value
R: Being a pretty big band*

*I don’t want this-I want certainty that I can create the results of, like, total world domination.

Lastly, how is it that so many hugely successful musicians seem very unconscious and un-enlightened? They sing about hoes and cars and weed, and I would be surprised if they were aware enough to use their mind to purposefully create their success. A lot of times an industry person found them at like age 14 and made them big. So why did they get such big results if they did not program their thoughts?

Really grateful for your help!
Thank you:)