Can IVF become neutral for me?

I am a certified coach, and I am shifting my business from general life coaching to IVF coaching, focusing on mindset. I have been working on making this shift in my mind, and during my 1:1 coaching yesterday, I realized that IVF is not neutral for me. I am thinking that this might be part of my block for creating content and putting myself out there and making offers.
When I think about IVF, this is what comes up:
I need it to work
I have to do it if I want another baby.
It’s the only way I can get pregnant.
I desperately want another baby.
This last time the IVF should’ve worked (I know that is arguing with reality because it DIDN’T work, but it came up nonetheless)
Something went terribly wrong last time; what if that happens again?
I’m supposed to be pregnant right now (again, I know it’s arguing with reality)
I will never get to have another baby again, which is something I want so badly.
IVF is too expensive
There is no guarantee.
Since there is no guarantee, do I risk getting hurt if it doesn’t work again?

I want to make IVF a neutral circumstance for myself, both for my healing and for my future clients.
I know that it is my thoughts about IVF that create my suffering. Is that how I get it to a neutral place? Just by understanding that?
The idea of IVF seems to be loaded with thoughts and emotions, and I don’t know how to step outside of that.

Please help!