Can you misuse the model?

I am beginning to really understand the model and think it’s brilliant. We truly can change our life if we change our thoughts that drives our feelings. BUT, can we misuse or take the model too far? For example, what if a woman just had a new baby and the baby is crying and is hungry. Your thought should be, I have to feed my baby. I want to feed my baby and nurture him. But, what if that woman said, “I’m just going to change my thought around this because I’m tired and don’t feel like feeding my baby. I would rather be doing something else. So I’m going to change my thought to be Oh the baby will be fine, and if the baby dies from starvation than it’s okay. That will be less work for me anyway.” Obviously this is super extreme (and no I do not have a baby. lol!) but couldn’t someone use the model in this way. Or what if a woman was getting physically abused by her husband but just changed her thought to be, “Oh, it’s okay. He takes care of me financially.” Or “It’s okay. I’m not going to let his actions bother me. I can choose to not let that bother me.”