Can I run my niche by you?

Hi, I just joined the Scholars and have been listening to your podcast for a while.
Here is what I am thinking for my niche:

A smart, successful woman who once had dreams and passion in life, but has lost her mother at least 1-2 years ago and has dealt with her initial grief. She did not seek for professional help initially (or did not work) and she does not believe in religion or afterlife.Things seem to be back to normal (work, social, parenting, and family) after 1-2 years, and people around are even forgetting the fact that she has gone through the loss recently. She is feeling the pressure from within that everything should be okay and life should go on. But deep inside, she knows that a deep pain is there. She is suffocating, having some sudden crying episodes, or feeling so numb and detached from her feelings. She is functioning okay, but no energy and irritable. She is starting to realize that she wants to get out of the situation and feel better, more productive, happier, and really move on with her life with hope and purpose. She feels stuck and does not know what to do.

I am a therapist so I am trying not to go to the clinical side, and stay in the coaching area since that’s where I want to move to. Do you think this is a good coaching client niche? I don’t know many coaches working with grief related issue, and it’s such a “heavy” topic to target too. Am I thinking too much? I would appreciate your feedback. Thank you, Brook!