Can you change your thoughts by changing your behaviour first?

For the past few years, before learning about The Model, this was my favorite quote:

“Your behavior doesn’t come from your personality. Rather, your personality is shaped by your behavior. When you act a certain way, you then judge yourself based on your actions. Hence, you can quickly alter your identity simply by altering your behavior.”
Benjamin Hardy, author of “Personality Isn’t Permanent” and “Willpower Doesn’t Work”.

I would use this quote to inspire myself to action when I’d been telling myself “You’re not the sort of person who can … [fill in the blank]”, or that my personality was a permanent fixture, but I knew I needed to change that in order to achieve my goals.

The quote suggests changing your behavior first. Then that will change your thoughts about yourself, change your emotions and your subsequent behavior. Do you think this is in contrast to The Model, or that it can also fit well in with it?

Thank you!