Cancel Coaching & Loving The Reason

Hi Brooke,

I am an aspiring writer and have spent a great deal of time and money on online courses, in-person seminars, tons of books on the craft and even some coaching.
All of which didn’t get me to overcome the fear of feeling uncomfortable when I don’t know what to write and do the work anyway.

It is truly only since I joined SCS that I realized why am I not writing and that I should stop seek someone else to help me with writing out wise but generate it from within and feeling the discomfort on purpose.

Only before I realized that I corresponded with a new coach and while I was unsure about hiring him to begin with, I went ahead and hired him anyway. I paid him half of the package fee upfront even though we agreed I will only be starting after my return from my vacation later this month.

We didn’t sign on any contract and I am unaware of he has any cancellation policy.
Everyday I have an itch in my fingertips, wanting to send him an email and ask to cancel the coaching. I am sure I could find beneficial things if I will go ahead and do it anyway but I actually come from a place of feeling I can do it on my own. An empowered place, trusting in myself and positive.

I guess I am not sure how to bring him the news and ask to cancel the services.

What do you suggest?