Can’t Deal without RBG

This week I’m having a really hard time dealing with Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death. She was a champion of women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, Black rights….rights for everyone who isn’t a privileged white male pretty much. She was a champion and a hero, and now she’s gone. I’m having several thoughts about this circumstance that I know are hurting me, such as:

Women’s reproductive rights are now doomed, and many women will suffer. This isn’t fair (even though I don’t personally need reproductive rights at this point in my life).

Trump is putting another Trash justice into the supreme court, who will attack female rights (even though this hasn’t happened yet, it is a painful belief)

With an uber conservative on the supreme court, LGBTQ rights could be under attack. And my right to marry could go with it (this hasn’t been mentioned as a focus area for the GOP yet. And while it could happen, is less likely).

The first step I took to improve my current mental state was to remove all notification via email/social media about the current policitical situation, hoping that putting it out of sight out of mind would help a bit. But it hasn’t yet, and I’m really suffering with intense anxiety and depression. I’m usually an optimist who is good at failing and not one to live in fear. These political circumstances just feel so out of my control, yet could affect me.

My unintentional model:
C: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Died
T: My right to marry is going to be taken away by Trump Trash Supreme Court Replacement
F: Helpless, bitter, depressed
A: Lash out online / sleep several hours a day
R: Spinning out, lack of productivity towards any of my goals.

Intentional model (that i’m having a hard time believing)
C: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Died
T; Everything is going to be ok, no matter what happens
F: Hopeful, motivated, optimistic
A: Get up each day to act on my monday hour one plans
R: Making progress towards goals I can be proud of. Less anxiety/depression

I think I might need a better thought that I can believe while I’m getting through this time. Please help…any of the podcast episodes and resources in scholars you could point me to would also help.