Can’t Decide

I am part owner with another nurse in a private nursing practice. We only started last year and made a really good start in business because Covid increased the demand for home services in the area that we live. We started with the attitude that it was just a small investment to get started and “see how it went”. Now we have just been approach to tender for a major contract that would potentially create a 100 times increase in our business activity. My business partner is suggesting that we quit our public health service jobs that up until now has provided with financial security so that the business was really just a hobby and switch to working the business full time. I keep doing models to help myself self coach but I keep switching thoughts. And I am having so many thoughts I don’t really know which one to concentrate on. I have provided a couple of my model examples but there are many more. My head hurts and I am not really sleeping well.

C Business has opportunity to expand
T I really like my job in the public service and don’t want to leave that
F Conflicted
A Keep think back and forth about pro’s and cons. Internalise my worry and don’t talk to my partner about it. Not sleeping or concentrating on the things I need to be doing to research the business expansion.
R I feel confused. I am not getting even simple things done.

C Potential business expansion
T I don’t want the level of work and headaches this would bring
F Weak
A Do thought work and models to try and manage my mind
R Feelings of confusion and distraction

C Potential Business expansion
T I only have to take the next step right now. And that is easy
F Relieved
A I take a small simple next step
R Worry that I am just putting off the decision and guilt that I am not being more up front with my business partner.