Can’t think of alt thought and massive action to counter conflicting thoughts. CP

My new thought: I make good decisions that I am confident in and proud of.
Conflicting thoughts:
I am not capable of this. alt: I am capable of this? massive action: be super crazy capable? lol
I have lots of evidence from past that I can’t. alt: I don’t look to the past for evidence that I am a good decision maker? MA?
I don’t know how to know if I’m making a good decision. alt: I will take my time to focus, gather information and evaluate. massive action: focus hard?
I don’t know where to learn to do this different. alt thought: I can ask people how they do it and research? MA: research?
I think I’m making good decisions now and don’t know until later if they are good or stupid and usually have a lot of regret or second guessing. Alt: I don’t let others peoples opinions decide if I made a good decision. MA: ??

I am stuck at the alternative thought and massive action. I’ve listed possible ones but not sure.