Career, skills, abilities

I have been presented a potential job opportunity that sounds pretty good in some ways. The location, the size of the team, some of the aspects of the job responsibilities. I’ve gotten coached on my job and career so many times, and I am still finding myself thinking that I don’t have the skills and that I’m not any good at anything. Of course, these thoughts just make me feel like shit and don’t drive me to develop any more skills. So then, isn’t it true that my skills aren’t any good? I’ve been in my job for 4.5 years and I just feel so stuck and undecided.

Okay, if I did know if I wanted this new job, the answer is no because there’s another type of job that I really really want instead and this opportunity that’s been presented to me isn’t it. I want to work for an organization that’s doing work I believe in and that I think is really important in the world.

How do I start believing in my own skills and abilities? This is really holding me back in so many ways.