Career Transition Help

I am in the middle of a career transition from corporate training to digital marketing which has been a long term dream of mine. For a long time I didn’t believe that transition could be possible for me, but about 3 months ago I decided to go for it! I am very comfortable with failing and felt confident when I started the transition due to my work in scholars. I’ve now talked with dozens of people, been rejected from several interviews for marketing roles, and am feeling very uncomfortable with this process. All this mental junk that I haven’t had to deal with in years is coming up for me. I’m feeling scarcity like I better find a new job soon or else my current one might fire me. I am feeling imposter syndrome like I have no value to bring to the table in my current role or the new role I’m seeking. I’m thinking that maybe no one will choose me for a marketing role (even though I do have tons of work experience) and that maybe I should just give up. I’m feeling negative and burned out and really struggling in a big way that I haven’t for a few years.

My brain is really going nuts. I thought I had gotten really good at handling ambiguity and coaching myself though life changes by this point. But seems when you’re on a new playing field of growth, the process maybe starts all over again. I feel afraid and anxious and I just want to go in the cave and eat Doritos…I’d like to quit my job and just be depressed in bed for a couple months feeling sorry for myself. But I know I can’t do that…I have to keep going. But it’s really hard.

Right now I can’t think of any thoughts right now that can help give some relief for the situation that i’m currently in. HELP!