Certification/Coaching Niche/Making Coices

Hi Brooke, This spring I left my job to help care for my newly-widowed step mom who has some physical issues that require assistance in activities of daily living. I’m totally good with that – loved my job, left from a place of love, loving having the ability to give care where care is needed. But then I started feeling like I didn’t want to go back to my old work place or resume my path in the status quo. So I started developing a business plan to up my “side-hustle” which was coming in to people’s homes and helping them decorate when they felt stuck on how to proceed.

At the same time, I knew I wanted to be certified through your Life Coach School. I was on a waiting list for 2018 but some spots opened up for this fall’s class and I got in (Yikes and Wow and OMG dreams do come true!). When I was discerning my niche, I took into consideration all the growth that has occurred for me through your SCS program. I’ve lost weight like crazy. That is what I joined for but then all the dominoes started to fall and so much more has happened. I have a neurological condition that causes the right side of my face to spasm. It is visible and utterly apparent. I have had it for 10+ years and have been soooo self-conscious. Scholars has taught me that I can be self-conscious and still choose to show up. I’d posted a video a couple of years ago on You Tube about my condition because it is rare but I knew others were out there looking for people going through the same thing. Others found and responded to me because of that video. And a niche was born – I want to help these women. Women who are smart and successful in their careers and general lives but want more, but have HFS (Hemi-Facial Spasm) and are very self-conscious about how their face looks and acts and purposefully hold back because they don’t like how they feel when they put themselves out there in front of people (I know this needs refining).

But recently my vision for my “side-hustle” decorating business has started to evolve. Rather than providing a decorating service, I started to see that what I really want to do with this business is work with women who feel like they can’t decorate/don’t know how/don’t think they have a style or idea of what “looks good” find their personal creativity and confidence through the process of creating their home décor and personal style. I also see that transforming ones home interior can also be a way in to transforming ones life creatively and authentically and that this idea could transform my idea from one of offering a simple service (decorating) to developing a market niche and transformational coaching.

I think it’s good news that I have made this connection but I also have become very aware of the necessity of constraint and working on one thing at a time. Yes, I have a question I’m getting around to and it is this: can I hold both the intention of coaching women with HFS and coaching women on creativity together, or should I choose one or another while I focus on my certification and if I need to choose…I would value your input. I should have volunteered to be coached on today’s call but I didn’t get a request in on time because I was still mulling things over and didn’t think I needed coaching on it. Until I realized I did. LOL Thank you so much for all you do!!!