Chai tea latte model

I’d like help working through a model about how to change how I think about my past from yesterday!

What wasn’t great about yesterday was that I indulged in a sugary drink from Starbucks; this choice doesn’t get me closer to my goal of feeling well. And then I try to tell a story to make the past truly good as the workbook suggests–There is no such thing as reaching a goal of feeling better. It is all very fluid. It’s not about right or wrong or good or bad when it comes to my choices. Yesterday I made a choice. My past doesn’t exist today, only my thoughts about it.

Unintentional Model
C: Drank chai tea latte
T: That was a bad decision as it doesn’t align with my goals
F: Disappointed/off track
A: Continue to think the thought from above (???)
R: Continue to feel disappointed (???)

Intentional Model
C: Drank chai tea latte

I am not sure how to complete the intentional model. I am not sure what to plug in next. It feels fake to think, “It’s no big deal that I did that” or “Today is a new day for better choices!” I want the action to be that I *didn’t* drink the beverage but I can’t change the past. I’m not sure how to feel better about a choice I made in the past that I truly think was a bad choice. (I know I need to think something different but I am not sure how to do that.)

Thank you for your insight. I ran into the same conundrum on another model so any help you can provide would be great!